RoM-1 LTE / 3G / GSM , WiFi Router Module


·  Variants for America, Europe and Asia-Pacific based on ublox Toby L2xx

·  WiFi Variants b/g/n or a/b/g/n

·  On Board Router functionality with configuration over a inbuild Webserver or UART/USB

·  Smallest form factor, ready to run Router Design

·  On Board micro SIM or automac switchable external SIM

·  Powerful LTE module (150Mb/s with LTE Cat. 4)

·  LTE/WiFi Coexistence Filter for best performance for close Antenna installaon

·  Industrial temperature range –40 to +85 °C


RoM-1 is one of the first industrial grade Router Moduls with inbuild Modem , Router and WiFi funconality. On its small form factor of 54 mm x 47.5 mm you have a ready to run Wireless LTE router system with micro SIM slot. Just connect over the 4 x UFL connectors the LTE/3G/GSM and WiFi antenna , power the Module with 3.8V and the rest is done inside the module. Beside this minimal effort to run the module you have also the maximal flexibility to connect addional pheripherials like external applicaon processors or addional SIM card reades or chip SIMs. Thanks to the onboard SIM switch IC you can also automac switch bethween onboard or o-oard SIM.

So it is very easy to build up with RoM-1 as building block many diffrent applicaon from portable ba/ery powered or fixed installed LTE/WiFi Routers for consumers , up to very specialised industrial and automove M2M / IoT Gateway solutions.


Your Benefit 
Short time tomarket , no RF design traps
Qualified production with industrial grade components
Highest Flexibilty
Low Cost Baseboard Design possible without RF matched PCB and components
mywerk OEM Service for turn keyreadysollutions