mywerk devision: OEM

mywerk system GmbH is located in Potsdam near Berlin, Germany. With more than 15 years experience, we have a history of developing hardware, software and platform solutions. We founded the OEM devision to bundle our activities linking it to the connected wireless world. Our Team of about  5 people have considerable experience with high frequency, low power, ultra rugged and eye candy hardware developments - but this is just the beginning. Everyone knows that hardware is nothing without a platform. We supply whole solutions from portals/platforms to apps and much more to help your business grow.


Feel free to contact us for your projects or product designs.


Robert Bastubbe

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mywerk system GmbH


Potsdamer Str. 81 

14542 Werder (Havel)

Tel: +49 (0)331 27972592

HRB : 21791P
VATID: DE 260117867
Robert Bastubbe